The Delight Pho Margarita

The Delight Pho Margarita

This brothtail infuses tequila with some amazing savory flavors that will make you want to drink more.

What you'll need:

- Tequila

- 1 lime

- Millie's Delight Pho Sipping Broth

- Honey or Sugar

- Bettye's Smoked Watermelon Salt


1.Cut lime in half 

2.Wipe rim of glass with lime wedge 

3.Pour smoked watermelon salt into plate 

4.Dip rim into smoked watermelon salt 

5.Add 2 ounces of tequila to glass 

6.Add 1 Delight Pho Broth bag to tequila 

7.Squeeze ½ lime into tequila 

8.Add 2 tsp of honey or sugar 

9.Stir and SHMOOSH the broth bag for 2 minutes 

10.Pour over ice 

11.Lime rind peel garnish

Delight Pho Margarita Recipe- Keep Life Tasty[0:01] : Hi! This is Lance from Keep Life Tasty. Today I’m going to make a Pho margarita with our delight pho sipping broth.  [0:10]: So the ingredients I have are really very simple. We’ve got some Tequila. We’ve got some honey, lime, pepper, and some Thai basil for garnish. And then our smoked watermelon salt. 

[0:22]: So this is a super easy and simple recipe. So the first thing I’m going to do is after I’ve washed all my ingredients, I’m just going to cut my lime into quarters, and… [0:39]: That is going to give us a couple of things we’re going to do. The first thing we’re going to do is take that and go around the rim of the glass that we’re going to use for serving. 

[0:51]: Take some of our smoked watermelon salt. This has got a smoky and spicy and a little bit of a sweet flavor so when you drink it from the rim it’s really really good. Totally up to you so there we go like that. [1:07]: We’re not going to use too much alcohol because what’s going to happen is the broth is going to infuse directly into the alcohol so it's literally going to not dilute the alcohol at all. It’s really really excellent. [1:23]: Two ounces of tequila. This is a one-ounce measure here. I’m gonna put that right in there like that into the alcohol. Since this is in a broth bag like this, all of the natural ingredients stay in there so when we steep it, it doesn’t get loose in there, it's going to keep it clear. 

 [1:45]: So, take two of our little lime wedges and put that into the tequila while it’s infusing.  [1:58}: Two teaspoons of honey. That’s about two right there and we’re going to get that into that while it’s infusing.  [2:10]: Alright so what I’ve done is I’ve let this infuse for about two minutes and we’ve got the honey dissolving in there. We’ve got the lime going in there, and this is all ready to go so if you see the alcohol is now infused with the sipping broth. 

[2:34]: The sipping broth is amazing. It’s got vinegar, it's got some chili in it, it's got some lime in it and it's very savory. So this is going to be a real savory margarita. [2:45]: Alright, so we’ve got some ice here. We're gonna get that into the glass, get the glass chilling while I cut for my garnish. I’m just gonna cut a few pieces of that. [3:04]: We’re going to take our lime. We’re going to take that just like this and then the last thing we’re going to put in there is our Thai basil so here we go. 

[3:23]: And that is a Pho margarita![3:27]: Cheers! 

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