How does broth help with colonoscopy prep?

How does broth help with colonoscopy prep?

Posted from one of our best customers-
"This is newsworthy week for me as I prepare for that wonderful exam called a colonoscopy!  I'm not complaining as I know there are far worse things, but I feel a need to share!

In fact just yesterday, (two days before, "no seed fruit)  a good friend hand delivered to me a bag of beautiful, plump and lush golden raisins fresh from California!  I could feel my mouth watering, as I was sure  to let her know that I would be enjoying them, "after my colonoscopy!"   Did I really need to share that?  Why is it when you are told you can't have any solid food, you tend to want it most!  Thank goodness I am permitted a cup of coffee today Sugar yes, milk no, but I can handle that! I have just now prepared the, "magic powder,"  that arrives in the oh so attractive plastic jug and in a few hours, I'll be chugging!  In the mean time, I'm hankering for something to eat!   Coffee, tea, popsicles and Jell-O will go only so far. 

I'm just now dropping a broth bag of "Millie's Sipping Broth," into a mug of 8oz. of hot water.  This stuff is the best!  I honestly don't know what I would do without this stuff, as prep for a colonoscopy!  This broth comes in four delicious flavors, but when you prep for this procedure, you are not supposed to drink anything with a red or purple color.   So just for now, I WILL NOT treat myself to the Spicy Tortilla, or Tomato Basil broths.  My bag of Thai Lemongrass has steeped in the water for 4 minutes, I'm giving it a little squeeze, and whala!  I am ready to drink!   I am going to sit and enjoy this cup before I have to down the jug of YUK!  Later on tonight I'll be enjoying a cup of Millie's Delight Pho Sipping Broth!   I can actually have as much as I want of these broths. A great thing is that the sodium count is about half of what is typical for bouillon.  They are also gluten free, and vegan! OK, I'll check in later and let you know how it's going.  Yes going.....

OK, today is the day.  I have half a jug of YUC to down before my, "procedure," today.  I find that I am so very cold and I can't seem to warm up.  This can actually be a side effect of this process.  It's ironic because in order to have the prescribed solution taste it's best, it needs to be really cold.  Hence...I am freezing!  I have about 3 blankets on me and I am drinking another hot cup of my Millie's Sipping Broth!  This Thai Lemongrass is so good, I actually feel as if I am cheating! 

Hours Later: The nurses were so lovely and I couldn't have been treated better.  I was so glad when they gave me a pair of socks to wear during my procedure.  I said to the nurse, "Thank goodness, I didn't want anyone to see my half painted toe nails!  I guess that is no big deal when you are looking at my %$*& HOLE!!!"  She assured me that they were only looking at the screen!   Upon release, the nurse verified some medical information and handed me a page of follow up instructions.  I asked her if she could write a note at the bottom, that would let my husband know that it won't be safe for me to have sex for two months.    She gave me a grin, and said, "honestly, I think that won't fly and he'll figure that one out!"   So it was a no go for that, but the beautiful sleep I had when I got home....well that was worth all of it.  And all aside from joking, good health is a blessing and I have never forgotten that!


Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

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