The Top 12 Reasons to Drink Broth All the Time

The Top 12 Reasons to Drink Broth All the Time

We have a love affair with comfort foods and broth has been a go to solution ever since the invention of a pot and water.  My wife Lori really got me interested in broth as a functional solution to snacking.  She would take a bouillon cube with her to work as a kindergarten teacher, so she could have a quick snack between classes. She described that the savory taste made her feel good, taking time to make the cup of broth was a small relax/de-stress break and it also helped her not eat all the leftover cakes and cookies in the teacher's break room.

Drinking broth is now becoming an art form to some, but most simply a solution to common every day issues that we all face. We collected the top 12 reasons why you should consider drinking broth every day:


- When you are sick or feeling ill

- To have as a snack between meals or before bed

- A drink during intermittent fasting

- To prepare for a medical procedure

- Instead of coffee, tea or hot cocoa

- When it is cold out and you want to warm up

- When your appetite is not good

- Just want something warm and comforting with low calories

- A medical issue like bariatric, IBS or gut

- To get more hydration and sodium

- To cut down on sugar cravings

- To relax and de-stress


Photo by Bluebird Provisions on Unsplash

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