Why is gifting your flight attendants with goodies a good idea?

Why is gifting your flight attendants with goodies a good idea?


When was the last time you gave your flight attendant an unexpected compliment or small gift of appreciation?  Airline flight attendants, cabin crew and pilots work really hard to make sure you arrive at your destination safely. It just makes sense to show them a little appreciation.

Have you ever noticed that the happier the cabin crew, the more enjoyable the flight? Giving the flight crew an unexpected gift will make them happy, you happy and everyone around you wonder why you are getting so much better attention from the crew than they are!

As we get ready to fly more, we are also preparing our flight attendant gifts as well – Millie’s Sipping Broth of course, since they love drinking it on long flights instead of eating candy! When we fly from Seattle, this is what we will be doing on our flight:

air gift

1)    Prepare at least 3 gifts on each flight leg. There are usually 3 attendants that we come into contact with during the flight, not counting the pilots. The broth is great since it is packaged and they can use it anywhere with a cup and hot water.

2)    Make sure to give the gift when you have 1 on 1 moment with them. Don’t do it before take off, since they are super busy. We usually give the gift during the first beverage service. This is when they will actually have a few minutes to talk. Make sure they all get something each or to share.


3)    Make sure to give them a compliment as well. We always tell them how much we appreciate how hard they work and deserve a small token of appreciation. Don't go overboard. I've even heard of a scratch off ticket being given too.
Wishing everyone happier travels!

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