Thai Chicken Pizza

Thai Chicken Pizza

 If you are a fan of making pizza at home, then adding this Thai inspired sauce to your pizza will make your tummy very happy.  The sauce uses our Delight Pho broth as the main seasoning and then we added some curry powder to give it some extra kick.  You can leave the curry out if you don't like it and it won't make a difference too much in the flavor. 


We made this in an outdoor pizza oven, but you can also make it on a pizza stone in your indoor oven.  The ingredients are easy to manage:

The Sauce- 

-1 tbsp of butter
-1/3 cup of coconut milk
-1 Millie's Delight Pho Broth Bag
-1 tsp of curry powder

The Pizza-

-3 ounces of cooked chicen
-Rolled out pizza dough - 8 to 10 inches
-Cheese of your choice

Photo by georgia z on Unsplash


@sippingbroths Thai chicken pizza in an outdoor #ooni ♬ original sound - sippingbroths


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