Thai Chili Tortilla Chips

Thai Chili Tortilla Chips

 Combining Millie's Thai Lemongrass Sipping Broth bag with tortilla chips and chili pepper seasoning is a quick way to make an extreme flavored snack.

 What you'll need:

- 3 cups of tortilla chips

-Avocado oil spray (can use any oil spray)

-1 Millie's Thai Lemongrass Broth bag

-Powdered chili pepper flakes to taste

Just spread out the tortilla chips on a flat surface.  Spray a light coating of the oil over the top.  Tear open a Millie's Thai Lemongrass Sipping Broth bag and sprinkle lightly over all chips.  If you want it spicy, just sprinkle a tiny bit of ground chili pepper over the chips as well.  Serve in a basket?

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